100% Exciting
& Authentic life

I am challenging the idea that
average & ordinary is good.

You are Strong & Awesome

We were taught by the society how we should behave, what to do and eat. What is good, what is bad and how your life should go on.

You are an individual. You are not a wheel in a corporate machine. Trust your gut, discover and go for your passion. That is what this world needs. It needs people who love and uttermost enjoy what they do. If you are you, you are never ordinary. You have always been awesome.

My mission is to open your eyes to see who you truly are and focus on YOUR purpose so every day would be glorious & well-lived.

Ondrej Brozek

The Purpose Coach

If you feel lost and have no idea where you are going, we need to talk

I am Ondrej, The Purpose Coach, specialising in transforming Men’s vision and finding the true path of their life.

The path starts with you being real, present and brutally honest with yourself. It might not be pleasant but there is nothing better than being focussed on your true path.

I can help you discover who you are, what is your Vision and what do you need to do to get there. I am here to show you what you never thought was possible.

Coaching is not for everyone

Find your path on your own

There is zillion of materials, books, videos on how to be better at your work, more confident, focussed, real… I believe there might be good ones and ones that actually may help you on your path

Find your path yourself...
...with me covering your back

It may be painful. Transformation sometimes is. But you will be glad you went through the pain. You may discover what it is to live an Exciting & Passionate life. Do you want to take this step? Trust your gut.

Live Big & Exciting life

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