My Story

I was an ambitious guy looking for something more. Had a great job, mortgage and a beautiful girlfriend.

But somewhere deep down: I was angry, tired, bored and stressed

And I did not know why

My resume looked awesome. The most prestige technical school in the country and MBA with great knowledge of soft-skills. Every day I got an email or a call from a new headhunter.

I tried military, extreme sports, travelling, but there was nothing that could fill the hunger I had inside.

And that’s when I collapsed with the greatest pain I ever experienced.

Ondrej Brozek

The Purpose Coach

If you feel lost and have no idea where you are going, we need to talk

I am Ondrej, The Purpose Coach, specialising in transforming Men’s vision and finding the true path of their life.

The path starts with you being real, present and brutally honest with yourself. It might not be pleasant but there is nothing better than being focussed on your true path.

I can help you discover who you are, what is your Vision and what do you need to do to get there. I am here to show you what you never thought was possible.

How can you convince yourself to do the right thing?

Ambulance took me to the hospital

I was always healthy. I did not even get the seasonal flu everybody around was falling from.

After 10 x-rays, 2 ultrasound and some other examinations nobody knew what was wrong. And what was the worst: every day it went away and came back in a few hours to strike again. It was such a pain that I (literally) could not sleep and was sweating all over my body. And that was not the only thing. Everything around seemed to be falling apart.

It went away in a few weeks without the doctors ever discovering what actually happened to me.

I stopped caring about everything that wanted my attention and relaxed

I did not push things any more. I emptied my mind. Stopped planning. Stopped communicating with people I did not wanted to talk to. Started exercising when I wanted to and did nothing when I wanted to

We broke up with my girlfriend, I left my job, stopped caring about people that did not care…

My life started again. With a fresh slate. 

Something happened. I started actually applying what I knew all these years. I hacked my mind

It did not happen overnight. Slowly but surely things started to change. I was meeting new people every day. Challenging myself every day. Trying new things every day. I was happier and happier every day. Every week for me felt like a month. Very happy month. And people started to notice…

I finally was living at the edge what was possible and promised myself that I will never be anything less than I can be.

I achieved what I thought was not possible for me … for 10 years …

… in 4 days …

I discovered my biggest passion

It is to see where I am. Look where I want to be. And the part in between became my passion. It is progress. Growth. Getting better. My whole life transformed. This is the happiest period of my life. And I want to give that to others as well. I want to see them grow and develop to be the strongest and the most passionate people.

I equipped myself with Professional Coaching skills, NLP Practitioner and business MBA

Now I work with men. 1:1 in person or online to discover their Passion and Vision for life.

You deserve to live your life with passion & purpose

Everything that has a beginning has an end. Let’s forget the life you were living and let’s start a new one now.

Look for what is real & true

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